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Private Home

Pembrokeshire National Park, Wales.

Here we achieved full planning consent in one single attempt. We also subsequently achieved planning consent again in one attempt as the client re-considered their requirements for the project. This is an astounding result for projects in such heavily protected areas.

Our design entirely replaced and enlarged upon an exisiting building of standard vernacular design. In it's place we are building a project of outstanding design as requested by our client. It is this capacity for outstanding design that ultimately allowed us to work with the council in achieving consent for this project within the National Park. The building will set design standards for future applications in the region.

(in construction)

Chichester High Street

Grade II Listed Building,

This project involved conversion of upper floors to residential use and restoration of the shop front and interior to strict grade II listed conservation standards.

This we have achieved and the project forms part of our progression toward recognised conservation architect status.

Bradbury Court,

Malvern Hills Conservation Area.

We succeeded where previous architects had failed. Friends of The Elderly brought us on board especially to achieve planning consent for specialist dementia care buildings within the Malvern Hills Conservation Area.

Working with the planners, taking their concerns seriously, we developed an uplifting design. Using motifs from the surrounding architecture and lifting them into contemporary use, with a carefully selected materials pallette, we developed a project that not only achieved planning consent but also is a de-stigmatising,  desirable and uplifting asset to dementia care in the region.

Little Southfield Street

Local planning restrictions.

Our client was struggling to make use of a site that would not be allowed domestic planning consent due to parking restrictions in the area. After being brought on board, we set about solving the issue as well as maximising the number of dwellings possible on site.

We created an elevated building with semi subterranean parking. Windows carefully arranged to maximise natural light while conforming to overlooking laws. On a tight budget we achieved planning consent while delivering a desirable standout building of its type. Very much loved by its residents.

New Leaf Restaurant

Planning consent by appeal.

This carefully crafted commercial shop front and internal refit was for a client wanting to bring a higher standard of Chinese Restaurant to the area.

Because of our thorough non-adversarial approach to planning, we were able to identify that refusal of consent was based clearly on prejudice against our client within the planning panel and not upon any architectural or conceptual fault.

This allowed us to form a strong application for an Appeal, which was successful. The Restaurant would go on to become one of the longest running, continuously open businesses on the Ealing High Street.

Clyde Petroleum H.Q.

Malvern Hills Conservation Area, & effecting the setting of rural Grade II Listed buildings.

In a strict conservation area, but also affecting the setting of Grade II Listed Buildings, this was a project not for the feint hearted planning and design expert.

Not only did we achieve planning consent and fully fulfil the clients' brief. The project went on to win Regional and National RIBA awards.

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