planning consent
advance initial project strategy

Planning Consent achieved under
challenging conditions:

1. Grade II Listed Status
2. Conservation Areas
3. National Parks
4. Areas with local planning restrictions.

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Safe hands.

Our design based, positive approach to planning consultancy has achieved close to 100% success rates for our clients.

We communicate and work with planning officials and elected representatives, ensuring you take the route of least risk.

Leaving you with not only the planning permission you need, but also a strong, well developed project. Giving you a firm basis to proceed with full design and construction, or, should you wish to move to a direct sale, a site with the foundations of a high quality project to back its market value.

Our method.

We are proud to work closely with our clients to develop the optimal design for your specific needs and outcomes.

We find that local planning officers, approached in the correct way will gladly explain their concerns in relation to your site and proposals. With this information as the context, we will work with you, using our lead design architect's 40 years of award winning experience to create a proposal that addresses planner's concerns while developing a project that meets your requirements.

We do not pursue or encourage projects for which we believe planning consent is not possible and will always advise you accordingly if this is the case for your concept. A site that is unsuitable for one proposal, may be excellent for another.
It is our job to ensure your risks are minimsed and your outcomes maximised.


Our success rate for appeals is nearly 100%.
Because of our careful design development, alongside good communication with planning officers and elected representatives, we can advise you with good accuracy whether the reasoning behind denial of planning consent is flawed. Where it is flawed, we are then able to accurately demonstrate the issue.

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